Weka condom mpangoni- let us stop being hypocrites

If I was to summaries my comments then I would simply say ‘Kenyans are a batch of hypocrites’. I know you have all crucified me by now but let’s be sober minded and be true to ourselves for once.

When I first watched this advert I asked myself why would someone put such an advert on national TV at prime time? I thought it washed away our moral values and painted Kenya as Sodom and Gomorrah as a church leader was recently quoted referring to this advert.

The truth is we have no moral values to wash away and secondly Kenya is not Sodom and Gomorrah but we are not far from it.

Let’s ask ourselves these simple questions:

  1. How many people are living positively in Kenya?
  2. How many people have extra marital affairs?
  3. Those having the extra marital affairs don’t you think they should protect themselves? If they should then what better way than using a condom?

I once visited a friend of mine who had a six months old baby. When I was just about to touch the baby she stopped me and politely asked me to wash my hands. The worst park is I had to use some sort of disinfectant. I felt dirty and did not ask but after a few minutes I realized why I had to do that.

For some strange reason her baby keeps sucking peoples hands. Since she has not succeeded in stopping her she decides to take precautions and ensure that her baby does not swallow all the germs in the world.

I can easily relate that case to the condom advert. The only difference is people have not accepted that we have a problem that we must fix.

If you ask me people especially men have a problem with this advert because this time it is the woman who confesses that she has an extra marital affair. Men forget that women also have their sexual desires and if your husband is ever drunk like this woman says, when will he ever satisfy your sexual desires?

We have heard of stories of women who pack condoms for their men because they know their husbands cheat on them. This is not to encourage him to cheat on you but to protect yourself because you are his sexual partner.

The church that strongly condemned this advert claiming that it promotes immorality. I stand to be corrected but if the church did not commit sexual offences in the church, if they did not take most of their time taking sides with politicians , if they were not involved in corruption , if they did not involve themselves in fake miracles for money then maybe, just maybe, they would have enough time to lead its shepherds to the right direction and so we wouldn’t have such adverts.

Kenya boasts of being 80% Christians yet things that happen here are close to Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe in religion and I believe in the Holy book but I don’t believe in pretending.

The same religious leaders that condemned the advert have not embraced HIV positive people in the church. How then do they expect to have a congregation when people are dying of HIV and AIDS?

Another reason that was given was that it’s promoting sex before marriage among teenagers. I think this is lame. When Kenyan government realized that its population was getting too big to handle they ran adverts on family planning. They did not burn diaper adverts because they promote reproduction.

On a light not, of late Kenyan are so scared of bacteria that apart from the normal Dettol and Protex adverts we even have anti-bacterial paints. Really we are that scared of bacteria and not HIV!!!

Kenya also has alcoholism issues but they are not banning alcohol adverts .Yet HIV and AIDS kills people more than all other killers put together.

I’m not saying that we should promote extra marital affairs or sex before marriage but I’m saying we can not bury our heads and cover a rotting wound.

The timing of the advert can not be better because that is when everyone is glued to the television watching new-now that Kenyans are obsessed with politics. It shouldn’t even feel awkward when your children are there because your work is made easier. Truth be told how many Kenyan parents sit down with their children and teach them about safe sex?

‘Weka condom mpangoni, waking unao wapenda’. That is if you really love them.





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