Do gays have a right in Kenya ?

Last month Kenya’s High Court ordered the government to register a gay rights group that the government had earlier refused to recognize on moral and religious grounds. The court said that the Kenyan constitution recognizes and protects the rights of minorities and does not allow limitations on moral grounds.

“In Kenya, the constitution is supreme,” the three judge panel said. “The state has to act within the confines of what the law allows and cannot rely on religious texts or its views of what the moral and religious convictions of Kenyans are to justify the limitation of a right.”

As expected the KOT went mad about the ruling and a hashtag #GayRight went on the roof with everyone who cares giving their reason why they are for or against gayism. Just a minute, I should have started by saying that I am straight though I know that it is not anyone’s concern. Second, I do not support gayism but realy don’t care who someone has a sexual relationship with as long as they are two consenting adults and they do not interfere with my constitutional rights and my space.

That said, I guese people have their reasons of opposing gayism though so far I have not heard anyone give me a convincing reason.Lets go through the reasons:

It is against the Bible and Quran . That is absolutely true. But the same bible says you should not steal, kill, lie, covet, commit adultery do not tattoo etc yet these sins are committed every day even in the holy house of God by the sons and daughters of God. The same bible says that no sin is greater than the other. So, the person who lies about where he /she is when they are supposed to be in the office are as great a sinner as the person who is gay.

It is unafrican. This is one statement that I have never managed to wrap my mind around. What is really African? The language I’m using right now in expressing my views is unafrican. Maize that we eat everyday in githeri and ugali is unafrican. And bytheway are we speaking of the same African culture that promoted killing of twins? Or the same culture that allows girls to go through the painful experience of FGM? Or the culture that subjected widows and widowers to be sexually involved with their dead spouses .No I think it’s the culture that allows wife inheritance hence the rapid spread of HIV. I could go on and on.


Gayism promotes the spread of STD/STIs. That is true but aren’t they the same diseases that are found in people who have ‘normal’ sexual relationships?

Gay marriages do not allow procreation. That is another truth, however as it is the world is struggling with its population. Kenya suffers unemployment. A ‘normal’ couple in Siaya was blessed with triplets, by all standards that is a blessing. But no, the father was willing to give them away because he can not afford their upkeep. There are also many families who do no not have children yet they are not gay.

Some people have also raised concerns of sodomy. This is a valid concern, yes sodomy has been happening but my point of disagreement is, people who sodomise others are not all gays. Most of them are straight people who have mental instability. Sodomy in many cases is meant to humiliate their victim and most gays are not that aggressive. These are the same people who get involved with animals and birds like chicken. From my observation, most gays are shy and reserved.

I have had discussions with gay groups and as expected I have never understood why someone would want to have a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex, and truth be told it is none of my business to understand them.

I will repeat again that I don’t support gayism, I wouldn’t wake up and wish that someone I know becomes gay but again I will not discriminate on someone simply because he is gay.There are many characteristics that you can use to judge someone like how intelligence, generosity, respect, kindness, etc without finding out who is their bed mate.

Before I forget, the same Bible that we have been referring to says that we should not judge, love your enemy, forgive those who wrong you and above all Jesus came for the sinners.





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