Stop using dressing as an excuse for promiscuity and sexual abuse

Its been a while since  I last blogged so let me start by saying Happy New Year!!! Finally I get to comment about this issue that has been bothering me for years .Last month there was an article by a local newspaper alleging that President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania had banned wearing of miniskirt in his country.At first glance I thought this is so 15th century, then on second thought I thought maybe he has a point because although I haven’t met him in person he has been all over the media doing all the good things for Tanzania, in fact there is a time I wished I was Tanzanian so I could enjoy all the good policies coming up in my neighbouring country.

The excuse for banning miniskirt according to the article was to reduce promiscuity so as to control the spread of HIV.How ridiculous!!! Ok finally it was confirmed that the article was a hoax but what still sticks is the argument I had with people (men) on social media claiming that when women wear miniskirts they seduce the men because men react to what they see. What nonsense! I think some men just want to force an excuse even where it does not exist. They just want an excuse for not having self control. Who said that whenever you have a craving then you must satisfy it? A man who values himself will only engage sexually with a woman because he loves and respects her not because she is skimpily  dressed.

let me put it clearer, do we eat every time we see food? How come women in areas like Turkana walk bare chested and yet their men don’t stare. 3                                                                    Young girls in Turkana attending a traditional event.Many women walk bare chested in Turkana,Kenya.

How come they don’t get raped because they have exposed their entire upper part yet these same men have a problem with a woman in a blouse showing cleavage. Suddenly she is dressed inappropriately and that’s an excuse to be raped by a man who has no self  control. In fact I dare call those men a boy because manhood comes with self control.2Again if the issue is dreesing, how do you explain men who defile very young children.The worst part is ,some of their perpetrators are their own relatives or worse still their own fathers and grandfathers .What about the grandmothers who are raped by their grandsons .Did they dress inappropriately ?

I don’t support nudity, but also it should not be used by men as an excuse for rape or sexual harassment.And again dressing inappropriately is relative depending on who and how you look at it. Then in that same discussion there was this argument that miniskirts is un-African.Really!! My history tells me that Africans at some point walked naked, then they started wearing skin covering only the essential parts .Until the white men/women introduces clothes.In fact the earliest photos of most Kenyan women shows that they wore miniskirts or mini dresses .

Another good example is India where sexual violence has hit the rooftop. In fact its one of the countries where you are punished for reporting case as if the men have the right to rape you,all you have to do is comply.Have you seen how they dress? If you ask me Indians are some of the most decently dressed women in the world.Yet, the immoral men can still see through the layers of sari and trousers and get aroused. rape-1                                         Indian women protesting the rise of rape cases in their country

Again there is no culture as African cultures.I believe there are thousands of tribes in Africa which are all unique and very different.For example, in luo community, it is a taboo for a man to sleep in the same house where his mother in-law is yet it is ok for Taitas.It is also an abomination for a man to see his mother in-laws breasts while its ok in some cultures.

It is also ironical that the so called western countries where the ‘Western’ dressing came from have less HIV infection and less sexual abuse compared to Africa were we have the ‘precious African culture’.

In short, stop using dressing as an excuse for promiscuity and sexual abuse.If we are to reduce the spread of HIV in Africa and world over then men must also change their attitude towards sex.3241_o


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  1. solonjathi says:

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    …..stop using dressing as an excuse for promiscuity and sexual abuse…….

  2. biochemdr1 says:

    It’s a great article! Convincing and to the point.!

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